Seeing Obstacles as detours

It's been a long, tiring , frustrating day at work . You just can't wait to get home and put your feet up with a glass of Pinot noir. Up ahead you see a sign saying "detour" and you realize that the freeway is closed. You curse, you punch the wheel and you may even cry (depending how your day was) as this wasn't in your plan. Even though you will still find yourself at the same outcome - at home with that wine, she probably in the same amount of time... this change of route can throw us into a frenzy and seem like we will never get home. I've been in this position many times and a recent quote I read got me thinking of this as a metaphor for my life. The wonderful Gabrielle Bernstein describ

Rejection vs Encouragement. You decide

One month down I cheer and scream !! Then the realization hits theres 11 more to go and i must admit that cheer drowns out and an awkward laugh replaces as I think, holy shit this feels like eternity. But I know I am not alone in this feeling and that one day ill be on the other side of it smiling as I survived it and moving on just like the many I have spoken to who have travelled this rocky road. The knee is doing well :) the fluid is reducing, I'm walking up and down stairs unaided, I'm riding the bike quicker with more resistance, my squats are getting deeper and the quad is beginning to show face. I have a little friend called Flynn (is that how we should spell it Dani Evrat ?) who acts

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