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Who Am I...

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

- Paulo Coelho 

I am Tash Marconi, a 25 year old sunflower loving Aussie with a latina heart. I am a professional dancer/singer who chased her ambitions to the city of dreams- Los Angeles. 

My greatest loves include sunsets,coffee, the ocean, being lost in a new city, adventures, being a devoted bookworm, food and wine, and long conversations about the universe. 

I have a soul caught in wanderlust and constantly crave a challenge and an experience. I started this blog upon moving to LA to busy myself instead of burning brain cells watching netflix. Since the days of Harriet the Spy I became obsessed with scribbling my wild thoughts into notebooks and dreamt of one day writing my own. 

In 2017 whilst taking class I tore my ACL off the bone requiring me to be flown back to Australia ahead of a reconstruction surgery. Needless to say my world felt like it was crashing ahead as I looked at a 9-12 month recovery re learning the basics of life, re discovering my identity without dance and living in a new city. It has been one of the toughest challenges and broken me down in every way possible. But those cracks allowed a brand new light, perspective and love to fill my life and an opportunity to see just how much of a warrior I am capable of being. 

I hope that this blog will help others going through a life changing event to keep pushing, leave you feeling empowered, let you laugh through tears at this crazy thing we call life and show you that you too can go for it... Visit that country you always say you will, move across the world, chase your dreams and passion and find the things that make you feel alive...

Just like a Daisy chasing the Sun

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