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Bippidi Bobbidi Boo

Remember when the fairy godmother in Cinderella turned an ordinary orange pumpkin into a gorgeous white carriage pulled by beautiful horses to take her to the ball. That, my friends was magic. I know I, for sure with many other young girls dreamed of having my own fairy god mother that would wave a wand and POOF I'd have what I had been dreaming of.

Well, I did have a fairy, that's a story in itself that provides many laughs but this fairy did not perform magic, because she just existed in letters left on my nightstand by my mother, love ya long time Honey Dew. But really, where was my fairy god mother ? where's my genie ?!

Thanks Disney for creating magic... oh and also super high expectations for what my life should look like with knights in shining armor coming to save me, getting 3 wishes and turning a beast into a beaut. Tried the last one a few times and its yet to work for me.

The thing is though, the older we get, the more self help books we read by Gabrielle Bernstein, the more crystals we are given... we begin to realize that magic is actually accessible to us mortals. Maybe not with a wand, but with our minds & our words some crazy shit can happen.

This my friends we call MANIFESTING !!

Now I know I may loose some of you here because you think the universe Is a big wad of witches talk... so to you I say farewell. But to my fellow crystal whisperers, moon howlers and small time wizards. Lets get into it

Ive been looking for signs in the sky since I was a child. I would hope & pray for something to happen and ask "god" at the time...

"God If Jack will be my boyfriend, please make two birds fly across my window"

Sure as heck, two little pigeons flew across the sky... yes I squealed with excitement, and jack did become my boyfriend (even though we only ever held hands) and BAM that was MAGIC !! This became my thing and I was forever hoping & praying by my window to see two birds flying answer my prayers.

If you know me well, you will know that I have manifested some crazy things in my life. I mean things out of thin air that I have asked for and whoosh fallen out of the sky into my palms. A lot of my friends will say, that would only happen to you, or jeez your guardian angels are constantly watching. With that being said, Theres also been plenty of times it hasn't gone my way which I will get to but lets talk the good stuff first.

What is manifesting ?

Well google says it is to "display or show by ones acts or appearances"

However ill say... manifesting is when our visions become reality.

Everyone has their own way of manifesting. If you are a pro at it, keep doing YOU and share your secrets with me girl !! But if you are a newbie to it, I hope this helps you begin your practicing.

When we think of manifesting, we generally think of something we want . I want a new car, I want to book a job, I want to be in a relationship. All those things are great, but what is wrong with those sentiments is that we aren't being specific. You could manifest a relationship ... then it turns out its toxic, he's cheating on you, and you are constantly sad. You will say but I wanted LOVEEEE, and the universe will say back to you well NO you said you wanted a "relationship" and I gave you that HA!.

One of the four agreements is be "impeccable with your word". This is something I live by not only in my words to others, but my words out loud to the universe & to myself. Be careful as you will get what you ask for, so ask wisely.

When manifesting we need to be incredibly specific. Its not just "I want a job". We must be specific with what the Job is, what are the people like and MOST IMPORTANTLY how will I feel ?

Feelings are where the magic lies people. Accessing the feelings of winning, peace, serenity & gratitude before anything has arrived is the golden rule.

Now I can argue with myself because simultaneously I think that beautiful things we could never have planned come into our lives when we aren't specific and we don't hold on. When we have a thought, focus on gratitude and live in a space of non attachment. Non attachment is definitely needed when manifesting and being specific also because nothing healthy has ever come from fixating on something and only being happy if and when that thing comes true and if I loose my grip on it I will drown. We have all been there !

SO...Here are a few steps/guidelines to send you on your way

1. WHAT is it you are manifesting?

is it a tangible thing, is it a situation, is it a feeling ?

When you know. Speak it out loud !

Use the phrases I AM or I WILL... acknowledging that it IS happening, when Veruca salt WANTED... well we know the story

The word want. A) is a demand. B) already sends doubt into the universe because unconsciously we know we don't always get what we want.

If it is a situation, also be specific on how you will feel. What emotions come up?

For example... I will work on my first US television episode with an epic team and I will be crying of joy because I am sooo damn happy and fulfilled !


Sit down, get quiet and take your time to envision this moment.

Is it the moment you get the call, read the email, are laying in bed with that lover... picture that exact moment

Sit there and feel it all. Feel it in your bones, in your soul like it is happening. Are you crying, are you screaming, calling your your heart exploding, or are you calm. so at peace like you are floating.

I genuinely have sat and cried happy tears on the floor of my shower ( best place to manifest, don't dog till you try)

sooo many times. I truly, deeply, madly felt that moment in my core and I sat there a while and fully absorbed it all


This my friends is the hardest part. Nothing good ever came from clinging... am I right ? he still left and now we feel stupid haha

But honestly, this is the toughest gig because to stop thinking about it, to stop saying it out loud makes us feel like we are not focusing on it enough. Buttt once its said out loud, the universe knows what we want. She does. So we need to let go to Allow her space to make magic happen

"you will get to where you want, just now how you imagined it" is one of my favorite quotes that reminds me to let go. Some things are better planned without me in the way, or with the help of a fairy god planner.

4. DON'T DOUBT Another tricky word. Do not doubt your magic. Do not doubt your creation. Do not get caught up in words like "its not happening" "I am not good enough" and other vocabulary that sends doubt outwards. We can't say we desire something and immediately start arguments as to why it would never happen for us. That confuses the energy we are sending out & ultimately we are NOT READY FOR IT. We are not ready to whole heartedly accept it. So watch your words, stay in those positive vibes

With doubt, also comes giving up. Just because it hasn't happened in your imaginary timeline do not give up !!! It could be just around the corner the moment you say its not happening.

I had the billboard awards on my vision board for 2 years. The first year I auditioned and got to the last few girls for a choreographers I had been dying to work for. I crossed everything but it didn't happen. The next year I had been manifesting it for a while. I walked out of yoga class one day to a direct book, anddd the choreographers from the year before we working on it !! I did a celebratory dance cried a little and was all HOLY SHIT!.

A week later, I got let go. They decided to cut the girls :( I couldn't believe it.

I don't know how, but in my heart I didn't give up. I didn't rip it off my Vision board. I kept manifesting because I KNEW it was going to happen. I had no idea how but I just knew in my soul I was going to dance at the 2019 BBMAS.

A day later I woke up to a email direct booking me for the opening of it, working with a choreographer I had never worked with but had so wanted to get into it. I walked into rehearsals and every OG LA dancer was there and I was the little Aussie newbie. I had a moment in the bathroom to calm myself and realized this was all meant to be. This was the performance I was meant to be a part of. That one performance has now lead to soooo much in my career.

Moral of the story, do not call it quits on your vision until they are having the wrap party !!!


and like magic... it all came true

Sometimes the moment happens and we see it straight away like a wild party in our minds. HOLYYY SHITTT its real !!

and other times it is happening in front of our eyes & it hasn't clicked yet, but a few days later we go well damnnnn. Not how I expected it at all, but gosh it is what I asked for !!

and also there are times when we will get a NO and then cry and scream and think what did I dooo wrong ?!

At first moments like this used to kill me, but the more you practice & you experience life, the more we realize that not everything is meant for us, or meant to be. What is for you, will never pass you by.

But there are also many things we will want that just aren't meant for us no matter how sad it is. Sometimes we needed it as a learning lesson because we were grasping & chasing and not living in the moment at all, and maybe something we thought would make us happy actually would have done the opposite, or maybeeeee something better came along the way .

If you have anxiety like me you know "what ifs" are the death of us but also they are beautiful. Because "what if" means endless possibilities we weren't even aware of .

When I was 11, I wanted to be school captain sooo badly. I envisioned it exactly how I saw it happen. They read Pauls name first and then mine and I jumped up and screamed. Heaven behold, the assembly day came and I kid you not, they read Pauls name and I knewwww it was my moment and I wore that badge with so much pride believing that the power of my mind made that happen.

Yes I was slightly crazy at 11 but I had a dance teacher who believed in power moves, vision boards, envisioning reality and so I was basically born a little crystal whisperer.

That was my first experience of magic and I got addicted real quick. Another time I manifested booking dirty dancing in the role of baby. I thought of it daily and then BAM.. my hold turned into a NO.

Yes, I did cry for a month. I did think I was a failure and I did think I f****d it all up.

But what I didn't know is that the world had a better plan for me. A plan where that NO opened up space for a YES for my dreammmm show and that 6 months later the initial NO turned into a surprise last minute YES and verruca got everything she dreamed of and more.

I have some crazyyyy Stories where things I spoke have happened over night, like that time I said Oh I can't, Im working on a movie and laughed out loud coz bishhh I didn't have a movie but two months later BAM I was booked in a feature film. Id love to share them with you and id LOVEEEEEEE to hear your crazy stories! We might not be able to have a tea together because ... covid.. and oh also I'm in LA and you might not be buttttt my email or insta is always there and waiting for you .

I hope to my newbies this has helped you a little to understand how some of us manifest and I can't wait to hear what magic enters your life and the lessons you will learn and experience.

Bippdii boppidi boo.... happy manifesting lovers !

PS if you don't believe in synchronicity and signs ... I asked Alexa to play "French jazz" and I shit you not "bippidi Boppidi Boo" in French started playing BAHAHA I'm actually loosing it! Thank you Stacey Kent for gracing us tonight

Much love,



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