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The year of the butterfly

Earlier this week I came across a post from a dear friend about the new year. It read

2016. The year of the caterpillar 

2017. The year of the cocoon 

2018. The year of the butterfly

For those who know me well, I can hear you screaming "YESSS"- How fitting you would say."

For those who do not, but are kind enough to read this blog, here is why. 

Firstly i will mention that butterflies are my "sign". White butterflies in particular have become my sign from the universe to show me All is well, I am on the right path, I am meant to be here in this moment and that I am guided and supported. They have flown past at the precise moments I needed them most like before a major meltdown in Paris on my own when a kind stranger changed the day and have popped up out of the blue in bathrooms at major auditions, meetings and moments that I have felt nervous or even at a loss. So thats a big yes from me for that.

Secondly, it describes the transitions of my years to a tea. 2016 was slow moving and filled with many challenges and aches that left me feeling squashed like a caterpillar by a giant humans shoe. Its in my diary as one of the worst to get real for a second, it felt like rock bottom in many ways and definitely destroyed what had once been a solid foundation within myself.  2017 I spent cloaked away focusing on my knee rehab and mending and recreating my truest self. Like a caterpillar this period of transformation was not easy, it was tough and it was messy just like the goo they turn into. I had to be broken down to the simplest molecules of myself until it was time to be reassembled in a whole different way. 

Heading into 2018, I feel ready to take flight. Ready to live a year of moving lightly and graciously through each moment. Like a butterfly I feel satisfied with the barest essentials and carry only light baggage. I trust the path and I can fly solo. Its the year to feel radiant, a year of change and flowing freely with the wind of life. 

Ok i know I sounded a little "crystal whisperer" above but seriously guys... I have not felt this sure of myself, my life, my soul and my abilities possibly ever in my 25 years of living. Im about to teach these little wings how to bloody soar me through 2018.

Im not a believer in the trendy "new year, new me" speel. You have 365 days to continuously change and grow and your new mindset can begin whenever you choose. My 2018 mindset started September 2017, but with a whole other year ahead of me I can't wait to see what more I can create in my life after already ticking off a massive life goal within 3 months. Normally I would pin point 3 resolutions and have them printed boldly on my iPhone lock screen but i'd always forget to live them or be reminded guiltily that I wasn't achieving them. This year theres no resolutions- I know how I feel when i am living my best and I just want to stay with that feeling or change something when I steer of track as every situation will be different. 

Is this your year of the butterfly? Was 2017 a massive year of change and lessons and growth?  Was 2016 a slump and a slap in the face?

Its crazy when asking my friends how many feel exactly the same way, and how many feel super charged, in tune and can feel it in their body that this year is different. I read an article that said 2018 is a master yea in which our life purpose awakens and the universe will be helping us live the life we know we came here to lead". It spoke of last year as a cycle of clearing and creating solid foundations so i guess its not just me that feels it but hopefully all of us. 

Im off now to watch the last sunset of the year and watch the first sunrise of the new one because for once I don't want to wake up in my friends bed with a pounding headache and bed ridden all day with netflix as I question why I played that last round of games. I want to wake up clear, with fierce intentions and ready to make this year my  *****.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Lots of love,



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