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Have you been mistaking "awe-some" for "average"

I came across an article shortly before embarking on this solo adventure about the word "awesome" and how it has become an overused description in our vocabulary for days deemed mediocre. 

The word was originally intended as a sense of full awe and profoundly reverential. It was used for moments described as "lifechanging"... yet today in 2017 it stands as a word so bland, stripped and bereft of meaning. The movie was awesome - but really it was average. The restaurant was awesome - but the service was slow. Someone is talking as you wonder if you should clip your toe nails and you reply "oh awesome". 

I raise my hand, I am totally guilty of this Also. An ex of mine used to tease me, everything for you is "awesome". Sometimes I used it correctly but more than often it was just a sheer reflexive response. It got me thinking , I want to change my ways and dive back to the words original roots.

If your day was "awesome" was it really and truly "awe-some" ... were you caught in a state of awe, wonder and marvel at the nature, beauty and events that magnificently presented themselves in your  life that you are lost for words ?! How many moments of silence, sunsets, crunch of twigs on an untrodden path, connections have you missed out on being trapped in a "busy" , "overconsumed", de sensitized day?

I began paying attention to this a while ago and of late on all my travels through Europe. I can say that I have challenged myself and found myself to live in a constant state of awe, with the most simplistic things leaving me bounding like a child first seeing the world. My pals tease me a lot for my little outburst remarks when I'm overwhelmed with joy at what I am experiencing. Some receive a lot of enjoyment from seeing my responses because they wished their hearts weren't so numb to the magic of the world . I would not choose to live any other way, I cannot imagine not being so easily excited, exploding and high on life from a sheer row of giant dandelions in the side of the road or like when I was 5 and mum still says it will forever be the greatest reaction to a Christmas gift . You could give me a wrapped apple and I would cheer like it was a million dollars.  

I cried two days ago soaking in the most delicious bowl of linguine, frothing over the champagne that hit my lips and the site of the endless ocean. I couldn't speak watching the sunset with Spanish music in the background as I sat with two new friends from Sweden I had just met, I ran with excitement as I saw the sights of Big Ben for the first time, my heart pounded as I let it sink in that I was riding on the streets of Paris and was lost for breath each time I passed a church, river, or cafe. Riding a double decker bus into Camden markets on the busiest day my mind was exploding like when I first saw Times Square when I was 18, arriving at a live jazz bar in the quiet streets of an out of the way town my ears transported me to another place and time.  I'm teary even just reading this back to myself. 

I dare you to live your day in awe. Do it ! 

See the world as a child for a moment, look around and jump with excitement at the things that have always been there . I have no doubt your days will feel more meaningful, limitless and inspiring . I can't wait to land in Budapest shortly and be lost for words as I sit in the gellert baths, camp in Europe and look at my life of travel like holy shit - this is real !!!!!!! 

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