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two thousand and today.

As the 31st of December draws closer, parties are being planned, champagne ready to be popped and some of us are trying to come up with a resolution to begin the new year a better person and try stick to ... I look around at my life and the first emotion is fear I must admit. My present experience is not even close to what I had imagined as I closed my eyes and shared a new years kiss on the beach bringing in 2016.

2017 feels scary, intimidating and tough with many milestones ahead. A large amount of unknown for the minuscule moments of certainty. Two weeks ago I would have told you I am not excited at all about 2017 and that I am not celebrating my birthday in January as I would like to not exist this year and I'm not bringing in 25 incapacitated like this. However something changed as of late, I'm not sure if it was being back in LA, laughing uncontrollably with my family, becoming friends with strangers or breathing in the NYC air but fear seems to be dissipating.

I am currently in New York City with my family on a trip of America we planned long before I successfully hurt myself. I am beyond grateful that I am even able to be here and walk these streets right now - 7 weeks post op. The happiness I feel cannot be explained, for once I am stress free without work or opportunity FOMO, we are getting along more than ever and the experiences and adventures make me smile like that year I got a TV for christmas and wouldn't stop screaming with joy. This city is magical, and staring at the skyline from our apartment in Brooklyn It has been added to my goal list to make living here a reality more than a wish. Today as we walked through the city there was a stand for wishes for 2017. Your wish for the year was to be written down on a piece of colored confetti that would be among those millions of pieces that would fly down across the crowd in times square as the ball drops. Just imagining that vision made my skin prickle and so I got writing. It was here, with a sharpie in hand about to write my wish that I realized I wasn't all that scared about next year anymore. After visiting the 911 memorial the day before and shedding tears as I saw the photos of victims who never got their complete chance at life, I realized I was being petty- here I am breathing, loving and living... how dare I not be excited at another year of memories and life itself. I should be grateful to wake each day, yes I may not be able to have the full life I'm used to but I still have sooooo much !! So I wrote my wish for 2017. The year that has limitless possibilities because Im being forced to think and go outside my box, exciting and challenging new ventures and skills, a test to prove to myself i am strong and resilient to overcome anything, a chance to better myself every day as a person and performer, and working my ass off so that the moment I am able to finally step on stage again..... let me just say I will be unstoppable.

What is your wish for 2017 ?

Write it down now, heck write them all down ! Truthfully I wrote down at least three on confetti

Lets kick start into this year with optimism. Lets make the choice to make the most out of every situation, to connect with as many people and eyes as possible, to warm as many hearts as we can, to help others in need, to say hello to that stranger, to complete that task, to be present, to be ourselves and only ourselves and to LIVE.

Ive chosen not to do resolutions because I don't believe that a man made celebration should be my reason to decide to make changes in my life, or try harder or cut negative things out. Start today, do it everyday...grow by at least 1% every single day in ever possible realm of life. I challenge you to that starting today . What did you do today that challenged you, contributed to the community, ticked off a goal or made someone smile ??


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