Have you been mistaking "awe-some" for "average"

I came across an article shortly before embarking on this solo adventure about the word "awesome" and how it has become an overused description in our vocabulary for days deemed mediocre. The word was originally intended as a sense of full awe and profoundly reverential. It was used for moments described as "lifechanging"... yet today in 2017 it stands as a word so bland, stripped and bereft of meaning. The movie was awesome - but really it was average. The restaurant was awesome - but the service was slow. Someone is talking as you wonder if you should clip your toe nails and you reply "oh awesome". I raise my hand, I am totally guilty of this Also. An ex of mine used to tease me, everythin

Europe for One and a croissant to go

Im sitting at a cafe overlooking a canal in Paris sipping an espresso munching on a croissant and contemplating taking up smoking to complete this parisian lifestyle.(but my mother would kill me). Its my last morning here in the city of love and as i reminisce the past week of traveling which has felt like a month, I've got to hold back the little tears that are welling in my eyes at this feeling of wander and magic I have been living in. I didn't embark on this solo travel as a means of salvation, soul searching or putting my pieces back together. It was not an escape nor did I feel lost. I did that when I was 21 and I've had moments in my days where I remember the overwhelming realization

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