The beginning...who sawed off my hamstring

Yesterday was the big day. The day they would take a part of my hamstring to create a new ACL ligament and then screw it into my bones and make me brand new ! There was a lot of waiting time at the hospital as the clock ticked with anticipation, however this time my mother didn't have to put up a fight to sit with me , as yes i am an adult now... but no way in hell was i going in alone ! I was terrified as i was taken through and an antibiotic steroid they gave me felt like it was zapping my insides. Great! i thought its already the end as I'm about to have an allergic reaction before i even go in. Seeing the inside of the operating theatre was terrifying... bright lights so many machines

Pinch me

I am in love with this city.... 8 months in and I can wholeheartedly sing it from the rooftop with my arms spread wide. Yes this city pushes and prods you constantly, you second guess everything you have ever known, you feel unstable constantly and sometimes can't see past the next day let alone year. But it also changes your life in all the best ways!! For once I am loving my passion (dance) not just its rewards. It has been years since the very thought of movement, creation, and exploring has made my heart skip with joy. I feel myself growing every day, heck every hour ! I have met souls that have changed my eyes and the way I see the world. I know more about myself and what I see for my

The sun will come out tomorrow

Who didn't grow up belting out this infamous show tune from Annie?! I mean at the time I just thought I sounded incredible singing it non stop around the house, in the car and at every singing recital even though my mother has now revealed she thought I was tone deaf!. Now 24, I don't sing it as frequently however the songs message is one that keeps me dreaming and looking forward and now I see an Annie in me, as I sit thousands of kilometers away from home on a lonely balcony in the north of Hollywood staring at colored taco signs and strange men roaming the streets. Ok I didn't make that sound like roses... but hey thats reality. The past month for me has been all kinds of a raging hurric

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